Magnifier Labels

IC Optix patented magnifier label technology brings a new and innovative functionality to product labels.PeelHere Most consumers have seen product labels that have a multilayer design. Conventional multi-layered labels are commonly used to provide additional space to accommodate more text. Consumers are familiar with labels that have a surface layer that peels up to reveal additional information. The magnifier label works in a similar manner and is intuitive.

IC Optix magnifier label technology enables brand owners to integrate a thin film magnifier layer into standard product labels. The magnifier layer can be a component of the design of the primary product label (read more) or it can be a separate transparent label (read more) that is placed over the top of the primary product label for simple implementation without the need for redesign of existing label or graphics. An example of each is shown below.
LabelVid_tn1 LabelVid_tn2

Brand owners that associate the magnifier label technology with their products will be providing the consumer or patient with a convenient vision aid that can be used to read print that is often too small to easily see. The functionality and convenience of the magnifier label will lead to an increase in the number of people who will read the important information on product labeling. This will increase compliance with proper use of products while decreasing the chance of medical error in the use of drug products. The IC magnifier label technology has been designed to be highly scalable, low cost, and readily integrated into a manufacturer’s standard packaging and labeling processes with a low impact on operations.

The images below show examples of the magnifier label as a printed primary product label, as a transparent over-label, and an example of the magnifier lens layer in use. The magnifier lens layer can be re-adhered to the surface of the label for re-use at a later time.


Printed Primary Product Label The magnifying lens layer can be integrated into the design of the primary product label (read more…)

Transparent Magnifier Label An alternative to re-designing the primary label is to over-label it using a (read more…)

Magnifier Layer In Action Conventional multi-layered labels are commonly used to provide additional (read more…)

Did you know…

80% of people over 40 years old have trouble reading important information on labels for medicines, foods, and other products1.
A survey2 of consumers aged 40+ indicated that:

  • 84% have trouble reading small print on labels
  • 72% would use a magnifier if provided with the product
  • 59% more likely to choose product with a magnifier
  • 43% would be influenced on store preference if the product included a magnifier

1. Bausch and Lomb Sight Over Forty
2. IC Optix Consumer Survey 2013