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Authentication_News_TnAuthentication News: IC Optix Printed Magnifier Technology Focuses on Scale-Up

Many people over the age of 40 years old have trouble reading important small print information on labels for medicines, foods, use instructions and other products… In response, IC Optix have developed a low cost, highly scalable, unique magnifier label technology solution (read more…)


Auth_News_TnAuthentication News: IC Optix Develops Printed Magnified Technology
A new privately held company called IC Optix, based in Philadelphia, has developed a novel printed thin film magnifier technology integrated into product labels and everyday items such as pens, as a private vision aid for (read more…) Could Embedding a Magnifier Lens into Labels Improve Their Readability?

A recent survey of more than a hundred U.S. consumers over 40 years of age finds that more than 80% have trouble reading small print on labels. Jim Rittenburg, Co-Founder of IC Optix (, considers this a significant patient safety concern (read more…)



Pack_Digest_TnPackaging Digest: Can a built-in magnifier improve label readability?

A patented new type of label technology integrates a magnifier lens, which helps readability and as a bonus provides product security benefits, too. The older I get, the more I appreciate the readability of labels (read more…)