Jim Rittenburg, Ph.D. Co-Founder


Successful technologist and business development executive with global experience. Inventor on 11 patents with track record of developing and commercializing products based on advanced technologies. Past technical work has involved development of immunoassay based analytical methods for detection of food additives and contaminants, mycotoxins, priority pollutants, plant pathogens, and chemical markers used for product protection applications. Business development experience has encompassed commercialization and implementation of brand protection programs and negotiation of commercial contracts with Global 500 healthcare and life science companies in US, Europe, India, and China.

Retired from Authentix at the end of July 2014 following 20 years of service to devote full time into launching an entrepreneurial venture called IC Optix®. My wife Lorna and I formed IC Optix® for the purpose of developing and commercializing convenient vision aids that we believe will assist millions of people in reading important information on product labels and other items, which is often difficult to read due to small font size and overcrowded text.

Other interests that keep life interesting and exciting include astronomy, fly fishing, sailing, hiking and camping in all seasons, brewing beer, wine, and other high octane beverages and taking family adventures to remote parts of the world.


B.S.  Microbiology, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 1976
M.S. Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 1978
Ph.D. Microbiology and Animal Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 1981


IC Optix
2013 Present- Montana, USA
IC Optix is a private company, co-founded by Jim and Lorna Rittenburg for the purpose of developing convenient vision aid products for the general public. Nearly all people over 40 years of age experience varying degrees of vision impairment that can make it difficult to read small print on products such as medicines, foods, personal care items, garden chemicals, etc.  The mission of IC Optix® is to provide convenient, low cost, vision aids that are unobtrusive to ones lifestyle and always close at hand when needed. To accomplish this mission we have developed novel thin film magnifier technology that can be integrated into product labels and also into everyday items like pens.

Vice President
Authentix (formerly Biocode)
1994  July 31 2014 (20 years) Pennsylvania and Texas, USA
Authentix provides brand protection, product authentication, supply chain security, excise tax recovery, banknote authentication and banknote fitness solutions to governments, Fortune 500 companies and Central Banks around the world. Authentix helps safeguard clients in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, spirits, tobacco, consumer goods, and agrochemical industries from issues including counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, smuggling and adulteration. In addition, Authentix helps protect the currencies for many leading central banks. Innovative nano-scale engineering, proven program management experience, industry-leading authentication and traceability expertise and cutting-edge banknote sensor knowledge help Authentix create effective customized solutions that address each clients needs. Roles included VP Technology, VP Business Development, VP Healthcare and Life Sciences. My responsibilities included architecting brand protection programs and developing new business in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. This included speaking at industry meetings, writing articles in industry publications and testifying before congressional task forces relating to drug counterfeiting and drug importation.

Director Research and Development
Quantix Systems/Agri-Diagnostics
1992 – 1994 (2 years) New Jersey, USA
Quantix Systems (formerly Agri-Diagnostics) specialized in the research, development and marketing of immunoassay-based analytical systems for the detection and quantification of environmental contaminants in soil, water and food. The company’s two product lines can detect and quantify the presence of chemical, pesticide and herbicide contaminants with accuracy comparable to conventional laboratory instrumentation. Quantix Systems was sold to Idetek Inc. in 1994.

Senior Manager Research and Development
Agri-Diagnostics Associates
1986 – 1992 (6 years) New Jersey, USA
Agri-Diagnostics Associates is dedicated to improving the management of agronomic practices through diagnostic products that provide reliable, rapid, and economical detection of plant pathogens, chemicals, and plant components. Union Carbide acquired majority ownership of Agri-Diagnostics in 1989 and renamed the company Quantix Systems in 1992.

Project Leader
Grand Metropolitan Biotechnology Ltd
1981 – 1986 (5 years) Vermont, USA and Wales UK
Led research and development program for a collaborative effort between Grand Metropolitan Biotechnology Ltd. (London), Express Dairy Co. Ltd (London), the Science and Engineering Research Council of the UK, and The North East Wales Institute (Deeside, Wales) to develop rapid immunoassay systems for detection of food additives and contaminants. A series of rapid immunoassay kits were developed for detection of mycotoxins, meat speciation, soy proteins, milk proteins, and wheat proteins. The immunoassay kits were commercialized and sold through a newly formed entity called BioKits Ltd.


  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • The Planetary Society
  • Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society (LVAAS)
  • NASA Night Sky Network – Speaker
  • Flying Scot Fleet 163


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